Our Spa restore balance and refresh your sense of wellness.

Vita treatments artfully blend ancient beauty secrets and holistic rituals from the East with contemporary therapies from the West.

Essences that reflect the traditional scents of Vietnam and those reminiscent of an Indochina Journey have been blended to provide a signature ambient scent for the spa areas, to complement the entire spa experience.

We have carefully chosen the best among thoudsands of tradition treatment methods to create a menu to provide a Spa service could help your body get back to balance and the harmony inside. Vary choices of facials, body and foot care would be offered to ensure you can get what your body really needs. 

In addition, our music selection allows guests to immerse themselves in a world of relaxation and well-being from the moment they enter the spa with different music selection in each area of the spa.

Let the stress get away by booking with us through our hotels.